This House Is Haunted by John Boyne


This House Is Haunted by John Boyne

Set in 1860’s England.  After her fathers death Eliza is left alone in London.  She sees and advertisement for a governess position in a large estate in the country and applies.  She receives a prompt offer of the position without knowing how many children or what ages. Despite some misgivings she decides she needs a change and accepts.

She arrives at the gothic mansion in the evening and is met by two unusual children Isabella (12) and Eustace (7) but no adults. Over time she discovers why the children’s parents aren’t around.

The locals she meets become circumspect when they find out where she is living. She comes to believe the house is haunted and her life may be in danger.  With little help from the locals she is isolated in the home.

This well developed mystery kept me guessing.  John Boyne, author of favorites of mine The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas and The House of Special Purpose, has weaved a story of suspense with interesting historical and social commentary of the time.