If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie

If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie
Will lives with his Mum. He doesn’t know his Dad but he always puts the money in the bank. His Mum doesn’t go outside the house, the world panics her. She gets everything delivered. Will can’t remember ever being outside.
One day while his Mum is having a rest he goes outside. It isn’t what he imagined. The kids aren’t wearing helmets like he does, whether he is inside or out. His Mum is worried he will get hurt without the helmet. She is like that, they cook most of their meals in the jug. His Mum has heard about terrible things that have happened to people with other appliances.
Her family has a history of tragic, random deaths and she isn’t taking any chances with Will.
He decides he wants to go to school and she allows this. She is afraid if she doesn’t, someone will come and take Will away from her. At first he doesn’t fit in. His Mum’s way of educating him was unconventional and he has some odd ways of thinking.
Finally he makes a friend. They decide to try and find out what happened to a kid from a foster home who went missing. It turns out the boy may have been involved with some criminals. They discover something that turns the criminal’s attention onto them.
The adventure gives Will an opportunity to learn about the world outside.
This is a sensitively written story with enough mystery to keep
you turning the pages.


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