The Possibilities by Kaui Hart Hemmings


The Possibilities by Kaui Hart Hemmings

“Moving through grief like it’s a thick drift” this is how Sarah St John describes life since her only child, 22 year old Cully is killed in an avalanche. It is three months since his death. Sarah is trying to reengage with life. She goes back to work as a television host for the local ski resort info channel but her mind can’t engage with what she is supposed to be saying, her heart isn’t in it.

Her recently retired father Jack is living with her. This is a blessing as well as a challenge. Sarah and Jack get on very well but Jack has so much time on his hands that he has resorted to watching and purchasing from the home shopping channel.

When returning home from her first day back at work she encounters a girl, Kit, in her driveway. Kit offers to come and shovel snow the next morning after the predicted storm moves through. Sarah uncharacteristically invites Kit inside and tells her father that the she could get started chipping ice off the back deck. Jack and Kit work for a while in the afternoon.

Kit returns the next day, by then Sarah and Jack are wondering what this girl is really up to. Kit has a proposition for them that has incalculable possibilities.

Sarah’s best friend Suzanne’s husband of many years has cheated on her and although she is devastated, her grief does not compare with Sarah’s. It is difficult for their friendship because they need each other more than they are able to help each other.

Sarah’s daughter is a lifelong friend of Cully and they attended the same university. She has arranged a memorial tribute to Cully. Sarah, Jack, Suzanne, Cully’s Dad and the Kit go along.

This should be a sad and depressing read but it was not for me. What made me love this writing was the possibilities, not exactly hope but a glimpse into the future. How possibilities allow us to continue to move through life when it seems to have stopped around us.

How possibilities allow us to heal, grow and move on even when we aren’t ready. How possibilities can force us to make choices which are far reaching and may not be what we hoped for. That the possibilities make it possible to move on.


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