Dust by Hugh Howie

Dust by Hugh Howie

The final installment of the series which started with “Wool” and was followed with “Shift”, the prequel that helped make sense of the world created in the first story, but left plenty to discover in “Dust”.

The people live in a silo, they have lives, jobs and a very limited understanding of the world around them. Everything about their existence is controlled and while there doesn’t seem much joy; there are families, community and a shared sense of purpose. I encourage you to take “Wool” to the beach this summer, buy copies as gifts for all your reader friends and share in this unique sifi journey.

I loved this book and this series. I loved the imagination, creativity and the hope it shares about life and the living of it. I was lucky to meet Hugh Howie, the author, and he seemed a genuinely nice, regular guy. How easy it is to sum people up and underestimate them, I can’t imagine this story was just sitting in his imagination waiting to be written down. I’m very glad he did.


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