Speed Freak by Fleur Beale

Speed Freak by Fleur Beale

Speed Freak by Fleur Beale

New Zealand Author Alert!

Fifteen year old Archie is into kart racing, every weekend he and his Dad are either racing or working on the kart. Archie is one of the best racers and this year’s competition is the most important of his career because the winner will compete in Europe.
Craig is also a good racer, he has all the advantages money can buy. He has a professional mechanic for the season and is competing with Archie not just on the track but for sponsorship as well. Silver, a girl racer who didn’t compete last year, is back and is making things interesting on the course.
Archie is lucky to have great support not only from his Dad but his Grandparents as well. His Granddad has been in the game for a long time. His Mum doesn’t live with them, and Archie would like to understand why, he blames himself but hasn’t had the courage to ask the tough questions. Dad’s new girlfriend Erica is moving in with her young son, Archie isn’t sure what this arrangement will mean for his racing.
Lots of detail to give the reader an understanding of kart racing, a bit too much for me. It took a while for the story to get interesting, about a third of the way it drew me in. A strong moral 15 year old boy is the centre of the story, maybe a bit too thoughtful but pretty convincing.
Good blended family story with caring extended family.
Recommend to readers 12+ especially if they enjoy motor sports.


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