Undead by Kirsty McKay



by Kirsty McKay

Funny, scary, contemporary, believable… words from the readers of Ruawai Library.

Bobby (short for Roberta) has moved back to the UK after living for 8 years in the USA and is trying to fit in at school.  The class is off for a ski trip and the bus is a minefield of teenage dilemmas.  They stop for a meal break and Bobby stays in the bus along with the driver and Smitty who is not allowed to go.  It starts to snow and time passes, finally people start making their way back from the cafe, but something isn’t right.

Actually something is very wrong, they are all coming back as zombies!

Now Bobby and Smitty must find a way to stay alive and get out of there.  The phones aren’t working and there is no one around, except for the prima-donna popular girl.

There are lots of humor and a few frights, pitched perfectly for a Year 7+ reader (11+).  I highly recommend this book and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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