Legend of a Suicide by David Vann

ImageThe Legend of a Suicide

by David Vann

This book was not what I thought it was.  Firstly, I had no idea it was three short stories, so while reading the longest, middle story I was completely confused.  I carried on thinking the ending would tie it all up, it did not, it was another story.  The characters and the theme are the same, but they don’t connect, rather they are different takes on what could have happened.

So having said that… the stories, especially the second one are disturbing, for me quite so.  Well written, deep and thoughtful non the less.

Now I’m wondering who I would recommend it to.  If it was a student I would want them to be mature and I would warn them about the content.  I’m sure it would help to realize prior that they are a collection of short stories.  I would not recommend to any of my little old lady customers, and I would be careful with anyone who had suffered a tragic loss recently as the second story is graphic and raw.

This is a difficult review to put into context because the writing is complex, moving and readable but the subject matter is uncharted territory for me and not written for most school library collections.  I will definitely be reading another book by David Vann because the writing was extraordinary.


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