The Numbers series by Rachel Ward




by Rachel Ward

A series set in the future, where everyone is tracked by the authorities.  In the first book it is Jem who can see death-dates when she looks in your eyes, a disturbing ability to have to keep a secret. She is living in a foster home and getting in trouble at school.  She doesn’t trust anyone.  An adventure ensues involving a surprising relationship with ‘Spider’ a boy from school.

I had to buy two sets of this series last year to keep up with demand. Now I’ve read the first two books and understand why they love it.  It is very clever and engaging and gets the teen voice right.  Four stars from me and a promise to finish the series, I really do want to know how it ends.  Recommended for Year 9+.ImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “The Numbers series by Rachel Ward

  1. Rachel Ward says:

    I can’t believe that my books have travelled all the way from the UK to Ruawai! It’s so exciting & I’m thrilled that you’re reading Numbers there. Maybe we could have a Skype event from one side of the world to the other?

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