Mr Whistler by Margaret Mahy illustrated by Gavin Bishop

Mr Whistler


The last book (I guess) by beloved New Zealand author Margaret Mahy who passed away last year,  with illustrations by award winning New Zealander Gavin Bishop, recently published by Gecko Press.
Mr Whistler is on his way to help his Aunt.  He dresses and heads to the train station.  He has dancing feet which keep his mind occupied.  When he misplaces his train ticket the story begins.  Mr Whistler dances while he searches for the ticket.  While it is obvious to the reader where the ticket is (a bit like looking for your glasses while they are perched on your head), it is amusing to follow his search.  Children will enjoy the story and illustrations.
It’s an engaging story which will entertain young readers and listeners alike.  The illustrations are rich and compliment and enhance the story. Grandparents will enjoy the nostalgic setting and have much to share.


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