The Brain Sucker by Glen Wood


Callum lives with his Grandmother, he’s not sure where his Mum is she left a few years ago.  The story opens on his 13th birthday,  his Gran has bought him the Thunderkit X5 All-Terr
he meantime the dastardly Lester is trying to suck the goodness out of society.  Lucky Callum has his inventive and feisty friend Sophie and his other best friendain wheelchair, he had wanted one for ages.  His Gran is the best at looking after him, but they need to prove to social services that she is up to the job.  In t
Jinx to help him.
I really enjoyed this book and recommend to readers 9+. Strong kid characters, what was especially refreshing about it was that the hero is a boy in a wheelchair. Very empowering, relating how he tries to be independent as much as possible.

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