Steel Pelicans by Des Hunt


Steel Pelicans by Des Hunt

New Zealand author alert!

Pelly’s family has lived in Auzzie since he was two. He has a best friend Dean and together they call themselves “The Steel Pelicans”. Dean has a obsession with homemade fireworks and things are getting more and more dangerous. Then Pelly’s Dad gets a job offer back home and the family move to south Auckland.
Pelly settles in well and meets Afi, they become good friends. They stumble upon a smuggling operation while staying at Afi’s bach and set about collecting evidence. Dean comes for a visit in the holidays and things heat up. Dean hasn’t stopped looking for things to blow up. Pelly soon realizes that there are limits to how far you can trust your friends.

Five stars for this well told adventure. Full of life experience, bullies, mystery, family life and danger. Another winner from Des, already very popular with his fans but winning more in my library.


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