Red Rocks by Rachael King

Red Rocks by Rachael KingSAM_8576

New Zealand author alert!

This book ticks all the boxes. A very clever take on the old Selkie legends of Scotland set in present times in Wellington.

Jake is staying with his Dad for two weeks in the summer holidays. Dad is busy writing a book so Jake goes off on his own. He finds a sealskin in a cave and takes it home, but doesn’t tell his Dad. The man living in a shack on the beach shows him kindness, yet Jake has been told never to trust strangers. A mysterious women befriends his Dad and thing quickly get out of hand. The local bully’s level of violence is escalating.

Two weeks go by fast in the summer, Jake is under pressure to sort things out before it’s too late.

Recommend age 10+ but it has what it takes to be an adult read.


One thought on “Red Rocks by Rachael King

  1. Miss Maple says:

    Great review! I agree that it definitely has what it takes to interest adults and found the way King wove the selkie myth into modern day NZ fascinating. Thanks for leaving the link to your blog in the book club comments 🙂

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