Sting by Raymond Huber

by Raymond Huber

New Zealand author alert!

Narrated by Ziggy, a honey bee who is different from the other bees in the hive.  Ziggy’s hive is in a bee keepers box, a relationship which the bees find suitable.  Not every bee in the hive understands him because he doesn’t fit any traditional bee roles.  Once out of the hive he goes exploring and finds out where the mean wasps live.  He gets into trouble and just escapes with his life.

One day the queen sends Ziggy on a mission to see how other bees live.    Ziggy wonders if he will find other bees like himself.  He gets captured by a human and barely escapes an explosion which kills the other bees involved.  He discovers a secret military project involving bees and as the story ensues he begins to unravel clues to his own identity.

I learned  about bees, their behavior and their community structure in this book.  Ziggy is a likeable character and his friends, old and new, all show courage,  intelligence and loyalty to each other.

Recommended to readers 10+.


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