Dirt Bomb by Fleur Beale

Dirt Bomb by Fleur Beale

New Zealand author alert!

The summer spreads out in front of Jake and his mates.  They like hanging out, are into cars and enjoy a day at the beach.  They come across a wrecked car which they want to fix up and thrash around a paddock for fun.  Only problem is Jake doesn’t have any money and doesn’t want to get a job.  His friends make a deal that they will share the costs of fixing the car up.  How will Jake get the money?
I really enjoyed this book and wanted to know how things turned out. I think Fleur Beale has once again gotten inside the head of her characters. This is a genuine rural Kiwi story of a teenage summer through the eyes of boys.
The story was real and natural. The growth that took place in the teenagers was believable, positive and worked for me.
I had to wait to get this book out because the boys had found it first, mainly those who don’t finish books. They finished this and when I asked they all told me they liked it. I can’t think of a greater endorsement for a writer of teen fiction. I think the girls will also enjoy it, once they get their hands on it.
I think readers ages 13+ will enjoy.


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