99 Flavours of Suck by Tania Hutley

99 Flavours of Suck by Tania Hutley

New Zealand author alert!

From the cover:  Embarrassed on national tv, freakishly ugly and doomed to a life of itchy shame, Kane is convinced there’s just one person who can save him.  If only she didn’t hate his guts…..

Kane is a teenager with a capital T.   He has all the insecurities, miscommunications and misunderstandings that come with the territory.  When the chips are down, things tend to get worse. The story is filled with humor and all the jokey things that adolescents find funny.  It has an unexpected and quirky twist which pokes fun a the current explosion of werewolf genre.

I thought it was well written, had a good pace, lots of laughs and the ending suited the story.  Recommended to age 12+


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