Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy

Dizzy by Cathy CassidyImage

From Mrs Salter

Dizzy has a good life, but there is something missing.  She lives with her Dad who is great and loves her, he also has a serious girlfriend which Dizzy finds unsettling.  Her Mum left 8 years ago.  Dizzy misses her and wants her life the way it “should” be.  Then on her 12th birthday, her mum arrives and takes her off for the summer.  As the story unfolds Dizzy wonders if her Dad really knows what is going on, but is reluctant to make contact.  She is feeling insecure about his girlfriend and whether there is room in his life for both of them.  

She has lots of fun with her Mum and her friends, but life is very different.  Things that are important to her Dad aren’t to her Mum.  Dizzy makes new friends and shares her first kiss with a boy. Things get complicated and Dizzy doesn’t know where to turn.  Cathy Cassidy hasn’t underestimated her readers with a predictable ending, things are resolved in a realistic way.

This is a good story from a favorite author in the library.  I recommend it  to Jacqueline Wilson fans 10+ and they come back for more.  


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