A Good Keen Man by Barry Crump

A Good Keen Man by Barry Crump


From Mrs Salter-  An iconic kiwi book from a iconic kiwi author.

The summer I discovered Barry Crump I read every book of his I could find.  I love them all.  I especially love his dry wit.  Barry Crump is a timeless storyteller whose books I use to convert boys from non-fiction only readers to ‘stories’.  The boys always come back for more and tell their friends how good they are. 

This was his first book and I have heard that he wrote it in two days.  Set in New Zealand bush, Barry works as a culler; deer, pig or possum, living rough in a hut or a shack.  He meets an amazing array of characters who he describes in humorous detail.  He is a ‘mans man’ most at home in the bush and happy with his own company.

If you are from New Zealand and haven’t read a Barry Crump book I challenge you to try one. 


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