The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson – Day 4

The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson

From Goodreads-
When Andy West’s parents get divorced, the plucky 10-year-old is left without a home to call her own. Both her parents have remarried, and Andy finds herself shuttling back and forth between their houses–one week with Mom and “Bill the Baboon,” one week with Dad and Carrie. Living out of a suitcase is tough, but having five new stepbrothers and sisters is even tougher.

Mrs Salter’s review-

This is the most popular book in my library for junior girls.  It has never failed to be a favorite and is especially good for those who ‘hate reading‘ it has a gateway for reading for pleasure.  

Andy has it tough, lucky she has a little stuffed bunny to come along with her as she changes houses each week.  She wants her life to go back to how it was when her parents live together with her, but since that’s not going to happen she feels doomed.  In a classic Jacqueline Wilson way things get bad, then worse then when all seems lost things resolve themselves but not in a predictable way. 


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