The Game Butcher: Wild About Meat by Darran Meates

I have quite a few boys in my library who will read anything about hunting.  The have devoured  Barry Crump, All Lester,  guns and rifle books  and themed magazines.  I discovered The Game Butcher: Wild About Meat by Darran Meates and thought it could be an addition to my collection.

Well, I underestimated how passionate these boys are about expanding their  hunting know-how, they LOVE this book. The caretaker was the first to put his hands on it and he quickly asked me to purchase a copy for him. The first student I showed it to took it without issue in his excitement (yes, it was a genuine mistake).

Blurb from Huia Publishers-

This book on processing wild pigs and deer is written by Darran Meates, one of the country’s leading butchers of game meat.

With practical down-to-earth text and over 250 photographs, The Game Butcher shows how to field dress, skin and butcher pigs and deer, caping techniques, food safety information for game hunters and even recipes for venison and wild pork.

It also tells the inspirational story of The Game Butcher, Darran Meates, from leaving school at fifteen and taking up a butchery apprenticeship to running his own business and fronting a television hunting show, and his lifelong passion for hunting.

A review from one of my readers favorite magazine- NZ Pig Hunter –     Two words describe this book very nicely… totally comprehensive.  It covers everything you need to know.  This would have to be the best illustrated hunting type book I have ever come across.  Apart from the obvious quality of the contents, the format and arrangement of the material is brilliant…’ Review NZ Pig Hunter June/July 2011

As a border line vegetarian  I will never read this book, a quick skim shows many action shot photos of butchering. Although there is nothing blood and guts about the photos there is plenty of blood and guts, as well as  recipes, food safety, all wrapped up in an inspirational biography of a boy who didn’t do well in school making a success of his life.

I’m excited that this is a New Zealand story, I expect that it will have an audience well beyond our borders.


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