The Henderson Boys – not like CHERUB but good

I hadn’t given The Henderson Boys series by Robert Muchamore  a try because the boys who loved CHERUB couldn’t get into.  After finishing People’s Republic I decided it was time to read one.  I found them unsettling but good.  The detailed image of the characters in  France as Germany is taking control  WWII was very well described, maybe too graphic and complex for my young CHERUB readers.  They want action and had gotten used to the CHERUB characters having it pretty good in between acts of heroism.  The Henderson kids have it rough, very rough, and the set up of the story takes a long time (s0 it should because Muchamore hasn’t  assumed his readers understand what it’s like to live through a war).I have just finished the third installment,  Secret Army, I like the books and I think I get why my young readers don’t.  I think this series is for a different type of reader and could hook an older boy or dad, but because it was promoted as the prequel to CHERUB in my library it has missed it’s audience.  The style of writing that suited CHERUB doesn’t equate with Henderson Boys,  short chapters and convient quick conclusions don’t work as well with an older reader.I will try moving to the Senior Section of my high school library and promote to older kids, who haven’t hooked into CHERUB.  I will definitely recommend to the boys who want to read war books, this way I think there will be a life for Henderson Boys in my Library.


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