Lauren Kate – the girls love her

Fallen Torment, Passion and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove are new favorites in my library.  I hadn’t even heard of them when a non-reader who had been given Torment, asked if I could get Fallen for her. As I never want to miss the opportunity to hook  a new customer I ordered straight away.  Before it had arrived I had other girls coming to ask about the series, so the book was reserved before I even had it.

I now have the first three of the Fallen series and Natalie Hargrove and they are never on the shelves. Some prefer Natalie but most are completely taken by the romance of the Fallen Series.  My readers and non-readers are all enjoying the series, which is a great accomplishment for an author and makes the experience more enjoyable for the readers being able to share a book.

I finally took Fallen home for the weekend.  I’m sorry to say that I didn’t love it. I wish I had.  While it is much more fun to enthuse about a book and fan the flames, I just can’t do it.  I do understand why the girls love it, I think this is a case where I am just too old to fall for the drawn out “will he won’t he, does he doesn’t he”.

That hasn’t stopped me from recommending the book- I just say  “so and so loved this”  and it hasn’t stopped the books from flying off the shelves because many times the students are better at recommending to each other and a word of mouth sensation doesn’t need the librarian to sell it.

So the countdown begins, they can’t wait for the conclusion to Fallen, titled Rapture due out in June 2012,  I will pre-order and encourage them to try other authors while they wait. Thank you Lauren Kate for grasping the teenage girl mind and talking to them, they do appreciate it.


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