Robert Muchamore does it again

My customers were feeling quite sad last year as they returned Shadow Wave, from the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore,  because it was the last and they were going to miss everyone at the academy.  I also felt disappointed  because I enjoyed it as much as the 12-year-old boys it was aimed at and a series that grips boys enough to fight over the next reserved copy are few and far between.  Sadly none of my readers hooked into The Henderson Boys, which they were supposed to I guess.  Anyway, luckily for us CHERUB has been reborn, with a new group of 11 year olds, which hopefully will keep the series going for some time. 

A new hero a new mission...

I started People’s Republic, which I had brought home for my son, on Friday evening because the two books I was trying to read weren’t holding my interest.  Well, it was like stepping into a warm bath- a familiar gripping style, plenty of action, good research, a moral and revealing lesson in child/women trafficking.   Part of the charm of these books is the easy style, large print, big margins and short chapters, it seems a sure method for holding his readers attention.   I had lots to do over the weekend and the book is 407 pages but I was finished by Sunday 9.00pm.

So thank you Mr Muchamore for picking up the series again.  The only problem I have now is waiting for the next book,

while some parts of the story resolved themselves, there is much more to come and I can’t wait.


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