The Dressmaker by Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck

From the cover- “Monsieur Claude Reynaud is known throughout France for his talent for making fabulous clothes.  The most elegant women in Paris regularly make the pilgrimage to the cobbled village of Senlis to be charmed by the tailor in the cluttered studio by the century old apple tree.  One afternoon, in a cloud of spring blossom,  Mademoiselle Valentine de Verlay arrives to commission him to create her wedding dress.  Before the first stitch has been made Claude realises that he has fallen passionately in love for the very first time.”

Not normally a romance reader, I choose this book because I wanted something light to read for the holidays.  The author really got inside the head of a compulsive courtier, informing about fabrics, designs, style, colours and fashion.  The book  started off simply enough and I was engrossed in this well detailed story, but slowly more and more complications are woven into Claude’s life.  He definitely developed character throughout and loved his family and friends loyally.

It was a satisfying read but I was caught off-guard the unexpected ending.


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